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Press Quotes

"MINE! True Stories and Legends of the Porcupine Gold Rush"

" astonishing little gem, dare I say a gold nugget even, of a show...This is essential theatre."                    

Brian Morton, VIEW Magazine, July 26, 2022

"...Will Gillespie has a particular knack for telling imaginative Canadian stories... "  

Steel City Girl Reviews July 25, 2022

"Each topic is given a distinct style of music- a testament to Gillespie’s versatility... the “sets” Painted by (Susan) Robinson...are also genuinely beautiful works of art. Combined with the music, this is Chasing Shadows’ most successful work  in recent history."                       

Beyond James, July 24, 2022


"...a charming, lovable show..." 


Luis Arrojo, July 2022

Diamond in the Rough

“... Gillespie could easily be considered Hamilton’s alternative Andrew Lloyd Webber...”
Ric Taylor, View Magazine, July 18-31, 2019

“This is truly a feel-good show, well staged, well choreographed and written with authenticity, empathy and kindness about a bunch of regulars in a local bar. There is a palpable chemistry between the talented cast members, infecting and pumping up the audience...A must see Fringe show.”

John Bandler, playwright and dramaturge, July 2019

“From the enormous energy of the cast to the clever one-liners and toe tapping tunes, this show would be a treat for any Neil Diamond fan.”

Maxie Dara, View Magazine, July 18-31, 2019

“...There is a powerful duet they sing called “Take Your Shot,” that gave me chills while watching it, so bittersweet were their sad endings in life...”Diamond in the Rough” hits all the right notes and has a kick-ass cast of performers...Highly recommended from me, particularly for first time attendees to the Hamilton Fringe who may be overwhelmed at the 58 productions to choose from.”

Brian Morton, Raise the Hammer, July 24, 2019

Swingin’ in St John’s

“Call it the little show that could. It certainly has potential. After winning an award at last year’s Hamilton Fringe Festival, this frisky little concoction by Will Gillespie, originally from South Porcupine Ont., but now a proud Hamiltonian, is a hoot and a holler, as my grandma used to say.”

Gary Smith, The Hamilton Spectator, April 6, 2018

Elevator Pitch

“Creator Will Gillespie and partner Susan Robinson are clearly having fun in their deliciously cartoonish roles and combined with genuinely witty dialogue and the close quarters of the space, that sense of fun becomes infectious, and by the time the five minutes are up, you’re leaving with a smile on your face.”

Gregory Cruikshank, View Magazine, February 6-12, 2020

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