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"Martians & Martinis" : a BRAND-NEW Sci-Fi / Musical Comedy set in 1960's Niagara Falls.

 Buddy Nova just landed - in town! Fresh off the ship he is already being chased by the FBI, the RCMP, the Royal Venusian Guard and the diabolical Princess Glalblulalbp in this new romantic musical romp that's "out of this world."

Run Time: 40 Minutes

Age suitability: Parental Guidance (PG) - children recommended to watch with an adult/guardian


Warnings: Mild Language and Cartoon Laser Blasts

"Martians & Martinis" Program:

Written & Directed

by Will Gillespie

Puppets / Producer

Susan Robinson


Rachel Offer

as Honey Moon

Pamela Blackwood-Marques

as Starla Brite

Matthew Lazaris-Brunner

as  Special Agent Gary Garrison, FBI

and the Stranger

Larry Smith

as Sergeant-Major Gregg G. Gallagher, RCMP

and Frankie Velour

Will Gillespie

as Gleepnyorbp, AKA Buddy Nova,

Commander Greenman of the Royal Venusian Guard

and the Witness

Susan Robinson

as Lieutenant Grey of the Royal Venusian Guard


Chris Cracknell as Big Tony

and  Princess Glalblulalbp.

Photo-Big Tony headshot.png
_Photo-Glalb ray gun front
Photo-Glalb 1 headshot.png
Photo-Grey headshot.png
Photo-Buddy spacesuit headshot.png
Photo-Witness headshot.png
Photo-Greenman headshot.png
Photo-Stranger headshot.png
Photo-Starla headshot.png
Photo-Honey headshot.png
Photo-Frankie headshot.png
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