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Diamond in the Rough

Neil Diamond, struck with amnesia, performs in a small, neighbourhood bar in Hamilton, unrecognized by the locals.

The regulars, having just heard about the impending closure of their beloved hangout reminisce about the glory days of their past. They must also face an uncertain future. 

Winner of the Audience Choice 2019- Hamilton Fringe Festival, this heartfelt musical features 15 original songs.

"Singin' a Song" Diamond in the Rough promo video

Audience Choice 2019
DITR Fringe patio
DITR full cast

Players Guild of Hamilton 2019

Cast (left to right) Chris Cracknell, Will Gillespie, Michelle LaHaise, Liz Buchanan, Leonard Cain, Susan Robinson, 

DITR cast with illustration
DITR Players Guild
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